Archaeological pieces from the forgetful astronaut and sounds from paradise [2015]

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Ramiro Carrillo

This exhibition gathers Tahiche Diaz’s artistic output, produced over the last few years, together with new, in progress pieces, that have been createdusing various lines of work that run simultaneously. As a whole, the exhibition project reflects on the creator’s condition as an explorer as well as theunderstanding of the artistic creation as a form or a way of knowledge.

Tahiche Díaz conceives artistic creation as a complex and multiple-layered process of inquiry that defines a -cognitive, philosophical, symbolic, poeticand political- space whose exploration and cartography are the artist’s objective. This concept is reflected in his work, in two key aspects. The first isthat his finished works -mainly ceramics, although also paintings, drawings and videos- address questions relating to reflections on this space. It is artthat talks about what doing art means, considering it as a form of knowledge, description, or even confirmation, of reality. The second aspect is theimportance given to all the elements of the process -stages of the journey-, from sketchbooks, to several investigatory trials that, although “minorworks”, help to illustrate the artist’s reflexive space.

Based on these motives, Tahiche Diaz shows his sculptures, installations, models, videos, drawings, projects and sketchbooks, organised in two parts:“Poemarium and Archaeological pieces of the Forgetful Astronaut” and “Sounds and Flora of Paradise”. Two open doors towards the artist’s space, proposingan ode to knowledge, science and the arts.

Photography © José Luis Camejo / Tahiche Díaz

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