The catalog is here

The catalog is here


“In the cave you fear entering, is the treasure you seek.”

After four years of gestation, the publication of the travelling exhibition “The Demoralized Astronaut and the Sounds of Paradise”, the story of a journey that invites us to search for new possible worlds, through distant, difficult and challenging places (a journey outside the comfort zone towards the search for new horizons, not always with pleasant endings but occasionally with teachings for reflection), comes to light.

Thanks to all those who have made this project possible, TEA arts space, Elpaseante Art Space, Alexandra McKenna, David Reyes, Cristina Gámez, Eugenio Díaz, Jose Luis Camejo, Isidro Hernández, Yolanda Peralta, Jose Enrique Alonso Gonzalez, Ramiro Carrillo, Fernando Castro Flores, Marianne Kapfer, Iván Marrero de Distinto creatividad, Berta de Armas, Juan Pedro Castañeda, Trudie and Alexander McKenna, Gerardo Gonzalez Martin, Galería Artizar, Hidráulica Tinerfeña, Canarias Crea, Spanish Embassy in Berlin and all those who in one way or another encouraged this publication.

Dedicated to the memory of Pepe Gámez.




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