La casa hilvanada [2003]

La Casa Hilvanada is an exibition – installation that is presented as an exercise of artistic use of living space. Part of a larger project ‘Ejercicios de Domismo’ which is made up of six exhibitions that took place in 2003 in diferent localities in Tenerife. In each one of these projects an inhabited area was chosen, due to it´s location, history or it´s potential, pieces or images were chosen because of their metaphorical or actual relationship with these areas.

In La Casa Hilvanada three proponents of plastic art: Cristina Gámez, Lena Peñate y Tahíche Díaz chose an 18th century house situated in the historic and patrimonial center of La Laguna. This four hundred square metre, two storied house was at that time under restoration and gave the project an extra interest. Resulting from the survey a range of artworks were produced by reffering to time, with mirrors and reflections, shadows and ghosts, etc, etc.

The work pieces that we will see are those of Tahiche Díaz.

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