Nuevas parábolas y retablos cotidianos [2006]

In the same way as Greuze, Tahíche Díaz makes sculptures full of movement (in this context ‘movement’ defined as the trail or stroke that creates an action); the characters that populate his scenes display a full gourmet of attitudes and passions, of attempts and acts, of willfulness and decisions. Also like Greuze, Tahíche Díaz´s figures are caracterized with an unbelievable amount of detail, elaborating precise portraits of real people giving his art work a special vitality, something so unusual in contemporary art that creates a similarity to kirsch. However his images are more akin to the “grotesque” fround in Goya or in Ensor; consisting of a collection of cruel, affectionate, wild, laughable, pathetic or epic stories. A portrait of the grandeur of the human spirit, that speaks of the complex human soul and it´s contradictions.

— Ramiro Carrillo (art critic and plastic artist)

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